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The Anuku Sea Avengers

The Anuku Sea Avengers an action-packed tale of love, war, romance, and self-discovery. Prince Nasir and Prince Lamar are brothers of the Najmorey Dynasty who fight to protect the prestigious Anuku Legacy. Prince Lamar is an ambitions voyager who journeys across the sea to find treasures. He faces daunting obstacles within the vast dominion of the ocean waves. Will Lamar find what he is searching for upon newfound shores? Will the Moorish prince find beautiful treasures, a new queen, lost relatives, or self-discovery? Find out in the epic story of The Anuku Sea Avengers: A Moorish Tale.

The Ochusi People - Children of the Sun

“Ancient West Africa is America and Ancient West Africa is our Home”

In the 1920’s, archeologists stumbled upon colossal stone heads buried beneath Mexican soil. These intricate monuments were precisely carved from volcanic stone with distinct, aboriginal facial features. The foundation of Ancient America’s first civilization was attributed to the men portrayed in the marvelous basalt portraits. Known as the Olmec, these Jaguar priestly-kings constructed elaborate city complexes around the Gulf of Mexico. The earthen-mound, ceremonial centers stretched along the Mississippi River into Canada. Still much mystery surrounds the heritage and origin of the early Olmec civilization in Central America. Now, through the archeological and anthropological remains of Ancient American cities, the mystical legacy of the Ochusi people has been revealed.

Adventures of the World's Greatest Explorer
The Moorish Essences of Pensacola
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